Entity Framework Power Tools for Visual Studio 2015

Recently I needed to do a quick diagram of my code first entity framework project.   I went out to grab the latest version of the Entity Framework Power Tools.  Rather quickly I realized that it didn’t explicitly support Visual Studio 2015.


After some futile searches I couldn’t find an updated version from a trustworthy source.   However, I did find a nice blog post that outlined the process for editing the manifest of the vsix file to support 2015 to add support for it.

I deviated from that slightly.  Specifically I didn’t bother with the renaming of the file, I simply opened the vsix file in 7-zip and edited the manifest file directly, then told it to update the content of the package.

I proceeded to install the updated vsix just like any other and restarted my IDE.  Upon restart I was able to right click my dbcontext object and sure enough, there was my old reliable Entity Framework menu.


And upon clicking the View Entity Data Model (Read-only) option, I immediately saw my diagram.

To save the extra steps, I’ve linked a copy of my modified vsix file.